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    Jul 2011
    what's up people?

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    Hey guys loving the PS3 action at the moment

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    Hey all sorry for not posting but been way busy REPAIRING PS3's. Anyway i/we repair game consoles in missouri so been extremely busy. Just a friendly shout out, Later

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    Jan 2011
    Sorry guys, I joined up ages ago but never got to do anything due to a string of surgical operations. I've been stuck in a hospital bed for too long and opened up more than the average refrigerator's doors. I've completely lost touch with new PS3 games and the machine hasn't been switched on either.

    Now I'm back home, still in bed so I can catch up with what's been happening. Once I can get off all these painkiller drugs I might get my co-ordination back and warm the PS3 up.

    All the best, Bedbug

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    Oh yeah our website will be up and running soon holla

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    hi everyone, new also

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    Just checking in, I'm not very active on here but love the forum.

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    hello all ...

    i'm not very active here but i love the forum too!!!
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    Hi 2 everyone!!!

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    I'm New what's up guys!!!

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