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    Oct 2010
    Hello guys,

    it's some kind of boring to follow the formalities, but anyway;;

    my name is, my name is, Amine

    i'm new to the forum, which i consider as a holy place where people share informations and ideas, visions and cool stuff....

    so on...

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    Hi there!

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    Hello, I am new to the Forum..

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    Hi everyone,

    Newbie just saying hello

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    Introductions: Hello Everyone, I'm New..(2)

    just following the formalities also.. regards.

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    hello everyone. just started modding my psp. hope i don't brick it

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    Jan 2011
    hi everybody

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    Jul 2011
    Hi I'm a new but old user, I have had this account for quite some time...

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    Jan 2010
    Hi all, happy to be here

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    Hello, me too, just joined the most exited forum. Cheers.

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