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    Hi all, new to this and thought this would be a good place to learn

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    Hello all, new here also!

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    hello i'm here to help and to learn with all of you


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    hi everyone

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    I know I've posted here but I don't think I posted in this thread... So hi guys!

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    Howdy folks

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    hello you all. Its me dablakmark8.. lol. got your site from google, very informative.

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    I'm new here also. I'm interested in anything ps3.


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    hello je ne sais pas quoi dire et je m'en fous! thank you

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    Apr 2005

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    I have just went through the last 30 or so pages in this thread and have +Rep'd all who said HI or shared a little about themselves with everyone here!

    I have also ran the UserGroup updater now and those who have (2) posts have now been promoted from Registered User to Contributor which means fewer ads and you can use Visitor Messaging and PMs here.

    Turnouts like this only happen at weddings and funerals, so needless to say we are floored!

    Both myself and CJPC would like to extend a very warm welcome to all who are new to, and an even more appreciative THANKS to all the old timers who have returned to once again to what was once their online home... it's beyond words how much this means to us guys- YOU ROCK!!!

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