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    Aug 2008
    hi there,

    im new to the forum.. im gonna be checking out the dev section and see if i can input

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    hi, I'm new to this forum also although I've frequented for some time now.

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    Hi guys,

    I'm also new here, it's my first post here

    Got my PS3 a month ago and hope to find out more about it here...!

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    new to the site.. hope it has some stuff of use.

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    Jan 2007
    hi everyone, i'm new here too!

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    Hi, my name is Abbott Hayes. I obviously am new to the forums, and will try to get to know all of you guys better.

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    very new, but playstation forever!!!

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    im a newbie also, and i kind of like this site because everyone knows a lot about all sort of stuff that i never knew about.. so HELLO EVERYONE!

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    im new.. does this count as a first post?

    how long does it take before my 5 posts count cus this is my 6th and still have alimited account
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    Aug 2008
    I'm a newbie,

    whoa... I don't have a ps3 yet... i'm a brazilian boy, so I think my english is horrible. so, what more can I say??? I'm here!!! xD

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