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    Hi i am new too.


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    hi everyone! i'm totally new to this page - since 2010 - i'm just lazy with forum postings, thanks to the admin for his lovely reminder

    i'm riding on my old beloved fat 40gb, pimped with 3.55kmeaw and now with dongle (yeah, im one of this jerks , build in a 500gb, got a slim120 on kmeaw3.55 and upgraded the hd to 320gigs - slim is mainly abused as a movie and sims playstation at my daughters room, what a shame.

    you bet i'm playin lotta different styles, from fifa12 with my 8 year old daughter (yeh folks, my 8 year old girl kicks already - unbelievable!!!) up to zelda on our modded Wiis and back to chess on our modded DSIs/PSPs... we luv it.

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    Hi from the Steel City, Sheffield U.K. I am looking to getting back into my PS3 as soon as my work pile goes down!

    Looking forward to reading and hopefully taking part in the forums.

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    Oct 2006
    Hi.. I am from Canada.

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    hello ps3news

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    hello everyone

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    Hello, Im a new user and I do hope my stay hare would be a pleasant and welcoming one

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    rookie on the block

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    Greetings from the other side.

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