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    hi everyone !

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    Jun 2006
    Hi, I'm Luca from Italy. I use ps3 almost for bluray watching and rarely to play.

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    Hello, I'm SubZero from Brazil, been here for a long time, only browsed, just never posted, had 4 ps3's and 2 xboxes, now I got 2 ps3 slims (one on 3.55 cfw and other on current fw)

    So there you go, hope to be around for awhile, till ps4 comes out

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    May 2012
    hello all just joined

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    Feb 2007
    hello, i'm a new user too.. from Italy

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    Hello to everyone

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    Just wanted to say hey! "Hey"

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    I am also new

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    Hello!! I'm just joined a while ago!! i'm honored to stay with us!!

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    hello all, i'm a new user too

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