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    Hi, everyone!!!!

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    Oct 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by HeyManHRU View Post
    12th of May, my birthday is one day after that. Bad thing it hits mothers day this year.
    i know.. gotta watch what i do so i can function the next day and not have mum worrying about me.. LOL

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    Apr 2009
    It's interesting to see that users who have been members for a long time are just making their first posts now. Feel free to chime in once in a while folks, we don't bite... too hard. Welcome to the forums.

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    Hi guys,

    Nice to have a forum like this to get knowledge and information, hope that you guys will not bite on my too hard when i ask for help.

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    Sep 2011

    I joined several months ago when I ordered a ps3 through amazon, it came with a little note saying that I could get updates here. I used to visit every few days because of multiman updates and other things; soon I just made my phone get sms updates. I started using the forums so I could comment on things and just sort of stayed afterwards.

    I watch a lot of the Fox sunday lineup shows (simpsons, family guy, etc) and some anime. I play a lot of rpg games with shooters coming in second.

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    nice place

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    Jun 2007
    Hey everyone, I've been a member of this site for years and recently promoted to forum moderator (about mid-2011).

    I'm from the UK and just recently graduated university - my degree is in Computer Games Technology... seriously!
    I do code pretty much everyday (C++, C#, JavaScript, iOS and Android stuff too) but eventually want to go into bigger things

    I'm a little bit obsessed with Fringe, 24, Homeland, How I Met Your Mother, House, Big Bang Theory, Supernatural and Castle.
    And I also live off subway too

    Welcome to all the new guys too!!

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    Feb 2011

    I like reading, jogging and playing Final Fantasy FFXIV (can't wait 'till 2.0)

    Got an original 60Gb, watercooled so's it'll last forever

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    I am also new here. Registered to help out my son aged 9.

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    Apr 2012
    Is it my turn? I became a member a short time ago, got lucky and bought an original ps3 60 gig at game stop, had it 3 days and sent it off to racer to get a few things done to it, including a dual fastboot switchable. Can't wait to get it back, everything i own is modded in some way, psps, wii, original xbox just a few.

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