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    Hi Everyone...

    Just got a PS3, trying to get some trophies

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    hello guys,

    I'm new here as well. It seemed to be nice to be a member of this forum and I will see whether that's true or not.

    See you,


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    Big Grin ^^

    Hello Everyone, This site is truly the best of all!!!!

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    hello ps3 news :)

    I'm new and wanna to say thank you for this website... good job guys, and keep up the great work!


    sorry my english i'm french lol

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    hi im new here

    hi im shiva, nice to meet u all

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    Post PS3 YDL here I come

    Just loaded YDL 6 on my PS3 to play around with. Gotta do something before GoW III comes out amiright ?

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    hi everyone!!!

    too much time reading the forums without write anything... I'll try fix it up

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    Join Date
    Feb 2009

    Hi its me Newbie

    Hi im bracks programmer c++ and im good in pc psp ps2 but ps3 i havent got any so cant modify it or help u with it hehe im happy to be a part of the ps3news

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    Hello everyone, I am a noob and eager to learn!

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    Thumbs Up New and lovin the site

    Hey guys, i am new here and this forum is superb.

    I have a PS3, that currently away for repair (think i melted it playing Street Fighter 4) but have a Debug that i don't seem to be able to update!!!

    I have downloaded the 2.52 and 2.42 FW from here but my Debug PS3 just cant seem to locate the firmware off my memory card even in the PS3 - UPDATE folders etc. Aw well, it'll all get sorted. Im looking forward to getting stuck in and adding to all the great posts, see you around.

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