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    Hi there! Nice to meet you all!

    I have recently acquired a ps3 and I want some news about it!

    remember I am noob :P

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    Hi there!

    I'm a noob too^^
    got a ps3, 40GB

    Have fun everyone

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    Feb 2009


    i`m a newbie... i`m here in brazil

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    Smile hm

    Call me elk. I from Us. I registered with you a while ago. I don't yet have a PS3... Actualy I am trying to get one for "free" but I am in the beginning of that. And that PS3 is 40 GB, I want the 60 GB one, anyway it will come soon and I will be full member of this scene. I had a PS2 v7 with dms4 pro and three v3's I think... in pieces... but all good things become parts and pieces of junk in time... I felt like writing and here looked like a good spot.

    Anyway nice to meet you all I hope we will have fun together in the future. lol.

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    noob welcome

    hey, this is trans416, don't make fun of my name, it's short for transformers. get a lot of crap from xbox live. but just got my ps3 and looking for some news on stuff.

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    Hey everyone, i just joined here too and cant wait to learn more

    i had a 60GB PS3 but changed the HDD to a 200GB one, loads more storage and works great!!

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    i`m a newbie... i`m from minsk

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    Feb 2009
    Hello, I'm from Washington, and I can't wait to get the best out of my PS3, and help others do the same.

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    Hi All

    Hi All,

    New to all this, but so much info to look through. Looks great!

    Can anyone tell me how to enter options in PS3 SAK? Do I need a USB keyboard or something?
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    Smile so scared

    Hi everyone just got my account here. Hope you all are in a good way and are having the same kind of day. This is going to help me out alot with things (especially YDL) any ways hope you have a good one.


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