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    hi, i have just joined and i have a 40GB PS3. Im hoping to use this site regulary so this is HI to everyone!

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    hey yall! im new here even though ive had a ps3 since release. im just now getting into the community. good to be here!

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    Hello. i'm a very noob. on ps3 and english. if you have a time when i have pb. please help me.

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    Noobs FTW!! my 1st day here hiya guys!!!

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    Hello everyone, new also!

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    Just upgraded my PS3 Hard Drive and looking for cool stuff to put on it now...

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    Just bought a PS3, looking to getting into the scene. using this website to learn more. Hope to join your community more once I do some research. Here's looking to the future of the PS3

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    Jan 2006


    hello everybody, I am new member of this site.

    I hope to be a member for a long time.

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    I'm new.. There is some amazing stuff here! thanks for all the info!

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    Cool my name is coen

    My name is coen

    I'm from the netherlands..

    but i think i can help in this forum and you can help me.

    I'm also new... But you will know me x)

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