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    hi all,

    ps3 is awesome.. and i believe that it completely outshadows the 360

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    Jan 2009
    hello everyone!

    i'm Daniel, AKA Sinis, i'm from Rio de Janeiro, brazil... and I love my PS3!

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    Syphyr51, yeah I'm new... but I like the info I get from this site... so I joined in the fun.

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    Hi, i'm a new user in this forum.

    Good work at all!!

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    Hello there, just got my PS3, so I thought I'd sign up to find out the best the PS3 has to offer


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    Hey noob here too, going to try the mkv.. convert to ps3 now, i tried bunch of stuff before but no real luck, problem is.. need mkv file to run on ps3, but have same space!

    as before, when u take it out of that container it becomes a slightly bigger file and no longer fits on dual layer dvds, any hoo hope to try this prog out and see whats up with it.

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    Thumbs Up Noob here

    Just sayin Hi to everyone out there. Ive had my PS3 for about 2-3 months now. Have many games already such as: Tiger Woods GPA 09, Resistance 2, MkvsDC Unreal Tour 3, Soul Calibur IV, Little Big Planet, Face Breaker, and Condemned 2, but currently playing Metal gear 4.

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    hello to all, i'm a newbie from Singapore.. hoping to learn from all u guys. thank u

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    Im also a new user.. Playstation forever !!!

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    Hello Greetings from Sweden!

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