We received word from the guys at www.HardStore.com today that their new Infectus X360 FLAT CABLE (for Hitachi DVD Reader) (+ 1mt branch cable) and X360 FLAT CABLE (for Samsung DVD Reader) are now available for sale! A nice video of the Hitachi installation is below, and a Tutorial for both is also available today along with an Infectus Wii NAND Flash Diagram and an Infectus Wii Installation picture.

Finally, taken from their newsletter today is the following related information:
Important note: other modchips on the market were released with an infectus-like USB connector, but BE CAREFUL!!! Infectus is the ONLY CHIP 100% reprogrammable, not only on the flash but even on the functioning logic. In the next months, we'll make other interesting steps forward, expecially on X360, that could bring to a REAL BIOS modification, instead of working on the players (as it is now).

If we'll manage to do it, Infectus will be the only chip in the world allowing, after an upgrade, to be took off from a driver and reinstalled as a BIOS MOD, without having to change the chip.

This is an incredibly important advantage... Infectus is your investment in the future!

- Quick Solder Flat Infectus cables, for a fast mount of the chip on Hitachi/Samsung Xbox players, are available for distribution. On the website you'll find a tutorial (with detailed photos) and a nice video showing up how you can install the chip with the quicksolder flat cables.

- Released and 100% working, the Wii Nand Flasher will allow reading and writing of the WII NAND FLASH for developers. Our tests confirm that a BIOS of a wii cannot work on another wii, as every machine has its unique key.

- Still in progress, to be released in some day, the 079 KEY firmware, that allows to bring any LG 079 player in MODB. This will be offered for FREE to all infectus users, and it's useful for the release of a small INFECTUS 079 KEY PCB chip... elaborated on a very small processor XILINX (really cheap in price), it allows to make the new LG079 players visible on windows.

- Great news: Infectus is helping with the study of the x360 kernel, and a REGION FREE (Bios side) is already being worked on. Infectus is putting the basis for the first REAL X360 modification...