Immersion Corporation has finally responded to Microsoft's new lawsuit concerning the rumble maker's settlement with Sony. If you missed our last report, the whole fiasco involves Microsoft' claiming that Immersion owe them part of the settlement fee the latter got from Sony.

Now Immersion is saying that Microsft has already received its share. It was reported that Sony paid Immersion around US$ 150 million. However, things get tricky if you've read Immersion's official filing with U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). A part of that said filing reads,

Our net income was US$ 122.4 million for the three months ended March 31, 2007... The increase in net income was primarily due to the litigation conclusion and patent license from Sony Computer Entertainment of US$ 119.9 million and the extinguishment of the liability to Microsoft of US$ 15.0 million.

As you've read, the money that was given to Immersion is being classified under "litigation conclusion and patent license." One can easily assume that these words translate to settlement but you all know how litigations go - everything depends on the interpretation of documents.

We are not entirely sure if Microsoft sued immersion because its lawyers interpreted this differently, meaning there's more money behind these. However, the father of rumble technology is keeping firm with its earlier stand saying,

Immersion believes that it is not obligated under the sublicense agreement with Microsoft to make any payment to Microsoft relating to the conclusion of its litigation with Sony Computer Entertainment. Immersion intends to defend this lawsuit vigorously.