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    How to view photos made with GT4 photomode on PC side?

    Hello peoplz,

    I made a nice pic with GT4 Photo-mode and saved it to PS2 memory Card,then,i have copied that game save with puklink to pc and then i extracted ~300kbyte large file from that gamesave (with Ps2 Save Builder),now my question is,how can i view that file on PC?How can i convert it to *JPEG for example?I dont have any usb stick nor i want to buy one,it should work somehow if you extrackt it in such way as i did.

    I uploaded that photo-pic file to web,here you can download it,try to make some experiments with it.

    THX in advance

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    i'm not sure with that one. i tried a few different file types. jpg, gif, png etc.. in photoshop, none of them read the file.
    i have a friend who did the same thing and he uses them as his wallpaper, but he's gone away on a business trip, so i'll ask him when he gets back next tuesday...


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    if you have an mp3 player, you can use it. thats what i do. the ps2 recognizes it as a usb storage device.

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    allcreative,i'll wait for your answer,...

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