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    Senior Member elser1's Avatar
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    Poll How many trophies do you have?

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    just curious to see how many trophy hunters are here in ps3news. so how many psn trophies do you have and whats your proudest platinum?

    3300 trophies as of now and my proudest platinum will be syndicate, when i finish of the last couple of ceos.. currently at %97 to platinum.
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    I don't really care about trophies on my PS3 since I don't have PSN to show it off , but I probably have around 300-500 trophies. On XBL though, I have around 2400+ achievement points and I've almost finished SvR 07. I just need to find someone to finish the online achievements with me

    Here's a pic of my XBL account
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    i like collection trophies, would prefer to hack them and platinum every game on my trophy list then i could do somthing else like prestige modern warfare 3 but hacked trophes dont sync (not rebug unlocked ones anyway) i'm on level 17 with 2811 trophies my proudest platinum was hannah montana
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    Got 2,599 Trophies. 99.7% of trophies what I played. I haven't played for ages on one of my three babies.
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    nice mate.. trying to catch ya in the platinums.. LOL i noticed you haven't been on psn much for a while..

    at technodon LOL at hanah montana.. i tried it last week for the [platinum] but i couldn't do it. i didn't know what was going on... LOL. had to take it back for a refund.. LOL

    so how do you get your trophy card to appear?
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    i feel like i shouldn't post here because of the lack of trophies i have compared to everyone else in this thread. but here's my trophy count anyway:
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    I am level 12 don't really know right now don't really play that much with only one arm right now. But wish I could sync the old phat but wireless and cabled is messed up in it. That is why I got it so cheap. Oh well. Still works great.

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    Here are my both
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    Just found this website which is pretty cool, it shows all my playstation trophies without having to log into the official sony site. Check out how many game i have. yourgamercards.net/profile/WorldWarWarrior

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    just got prototype 2 platinum.. kool game!!


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