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    How do i tell if i need to rebuild a DVD

    I have just successfully backed up F4 , but it only worked in the Chipped machine, it won't work in the swap disk one. I have downloaded the said programs and successfully rewritten the iso and works no problem. The question i have to ask is:

    How can i tell what disks need to be ripped and rewritten to work with the swap disk without burning one that doesn't work.

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    most of the time its trial and error, and looking out for others having problems
    there are some rules and guidelines you can follow though.

    if the toc is over 4.37gb you may have problems,and the game may have to be rebuilt. one way to check whether a game can or cant be downsized is to open the iso in ultraiso, and see what size the file is showing in there. if it shows the size to be lower than what you think it is,then the chances are there are some hidden junk files in there. if they are listed, then it becomes more obvious,and you can rebuild it (things like "garbage")

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