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    Dec 2009

    Poll How Did You Come to PS3 News?

    I have no idea how I got here initially or that I registered in 2009 until I tried to register and it told me my username was already taken. I've had to reformat the pc multiple times and I didn't know how easy it was to backup my firefox stuff back then and I probably didn't bookmark the site. I rely heavily on my history sometimes. It happens to me a lot

    It looks like my earliest post was in August. I would've thought I would've posted earlier int he year because that's when 3.55 was getting famous lol.

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    Dec 2010
    Well I was looking for more information about the Jailbreak dongle which I had just found about and I wanted to know if I could play new games on 3.41 FW. So I asked the question in the "PS3 Help & Support" section and the boss answered me . Here ( is that thread if you want to see it

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    Feb 2011
    Google is my friend & he took me here to this great forum & website about PS3, I was looking about news on the 3.56 fw jealbreack

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    I bought a launch model and then google looking for a exploit... wow i've been here a long time

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    TUHTA and his post about his exploit. Bored to waste my time on a well know trashhole forum, i found here an amazing forum, with cool staff and nice users I just adore ps3news

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    Well I found this site one year ago this month from just typing ps3news in the search bar and found this site, I thought if there was a site worth joining it would be one that's called ps3news or close, and low and behold I found this one and not looked back since nor looked for others for that matter. I never had a PS3 before then so it was all very new to me and this site gave me all that I needed, so thanks.

    Since joining here I have fixed and help fix many PS3's and now have 9 PS3's at different working states. I was one of the 1st to get ripped games onto and run on non modded PS3's and made a tut for others to do it. I have created modded firmware and made some homebrew, and installed some other wicked 3rd party homebrew all from the info and help I have received from here. So a big thanks to the Boss, and the great and helpful adult members we have here.

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    Hello all, I was searching google for advice and ended up here. I think it will serve me well...

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    OT : Let's hope will be a place where you will contribute too, not a place for "serve" you.

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    Apr 2005
    Mmm, it was a long time ago I don't post frequently because my English it's not so good, but I came here when the site was called PS2NFO and PS2OWNZ after that. I always got everything I need from this page: news, info, help, tools, etc. at first for my PS2 and now with my PS3. This is my top visited site in my Firefox list.

    Thanks for all these helpful years!

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    it wasn't long ago mortal kombat came out and I had a problem with combos on cfw so I searched and found the answer here

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