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    A link on the internet

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    The Interwebz brought me here to chat alongside you fellas.

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    My finger tripped over my mouse and click the link!!!

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    My PS3 developed a flaw. It is now completely cracked thanks to an internet search which brought me here.

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    Sorry don't remember exactly 'cause I create my account here more than 1 year.
    Could be google or another PS3 news website.

    Anyway, It's good to be here... ^__^

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    me too i found it out from a friend of mine

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    Apr 2005


    Well when i first came here it was a ps2 site and actually joined in 2003 and when the ps2 site was replaced which is now Ps3News which we all had to re-register and star over again, and this site is still going strong till this day.. but was searching for ps2 stuff back then which lead me to the site in the first place and i had a ps2 v4 with a magic 2.1 chip and also have a ps2 v7 with a magic 3 chip and both units still work very good yet today, but ancient machines with a big library of game yet.

    Haven't got a ps3 yet but this site over the years has been great for info and the latest news on PlayStation units and portables and all the goodies that come with it, this is still one of the best sites today for this and i have checked out many sites in my travels but Ps3News still shines the brightest of all of them.. and it will continue to be a great site for years to come.. this is my story on how i found this site.

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    it started with geohot's jailbreak for the ps3... and so i slipped in this board...

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    May 2012
    I was on the psn blog, to see if the latest releases had been posted, they haven't update the thing yet lol, suprisingly your webpage came up on a google search! WOW!!! well done!

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    Nov 2010
    Was a member way back in the PS2 ownz days. Thought i'd check out this site

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