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    Sep 2011
    I had been using this site to get updates on news for the longest time until I finally decided to register.

    How I came across it to begin... I think it was in a source on a post in my forum.

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    Mar 2012
    You can always find what you are looking for on PS3 news.

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    I know a lot about Android (not a developer but in the process of theming) and don't even know a thing about PS3s.

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    was needing help with a game searched googled and found this site

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    04-13-2006 is my join date so i've no idea how i found here, defo did not have a ps3 then is the funny thing lol i did not get one till the 3.41 days i could have joined for some ps2 nfo i guess...

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    You know, I've forgot...

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    I wanted to know everything about the PS3 when I first got it.

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    Nov 2009
    By being reminded... glad I was!

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    google search

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    Oct 2006
    i don't even remember how I got here.. but today I am here because I got an email inactive user accounts will be reverted.

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