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    Feb 2012
    I was just looking for information, and this place has a lot of it! Thank you!!

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    Sep 2005
    I honestly can't remember how I got to this site, I was so young haha back in the day of the PS2 hacking era when PS2 nfo topped Google search results

    Edit: Just remembered I used to be called Phantom13 aha
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    I got here because google guided me through..

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    Google. I found it when I was looking for info on CFW.

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    Originally came here via google. Registered back last year. Then came back via google for Mushy's repair service.

    All good..

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    Jan 2012
    Looking for information found a lot of answers here regarding cfw, now need Mushys help

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    Oct 2007
    I came here by google searching for psp-1000 hack and google gave me ps3 when i push the button I FEEL LUCKY!!!

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    Dec 2011
    Found it listed on Tapatalk when I did a search "PS3".

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    My Friend got a new ps3 a few days back. He gave me his old and I wanted to find a site to mod and use CFW. I found this right away and I'm hooked thanks for the help so far and I hope to contribute as soon as I'm set.

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    I'm around since the good old ps2 rip times Back then with the nick Jackson

    Damn I'm getting old

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