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    Feb 2011
    A friend recommended this site to me. Been here ever since.

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    I was looking for some game demos, no Jailbreak at that time , had a couple of crap games at that time (Defjam and godfather) and no money for more.

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    Oct 2010
    +rep to violentcris.. thanks for your eboot help on 3.41. cheers an have merry xmas all.. LOL

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    Thank you elser1, you know if need anything, you know how to find me.

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    Was a member way back in the PS2 ownz days. Thought i'd check out this site.

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    I joined a year ago, while planning to mess around with my ps3.

    Didn't really post though, only reason I'm here now is due to the awesome guys working on the disgaea 4 translation
    Great works guys

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    Aug 2010
    Joined when the news for the first JB came out and was looking for a good site on Google and found by far the best forum PS3 NEWS! Been here since, can't go a day without checking the latest PS3 news and there's not a better place, easy and simple with the main news with all the latest PS3 news regardless if its homebrew or just promo info its got everything

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    I made my account back in 2006, but never posted until I had re-found the site because of the original JB. Found out my email had already been registered. I think I had came across the forum in '06 while looking for PSP stuff. But now I come here to check the news everyday. ^_^

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    Sep 2011
    I ordered my PS3 through amazon a few months ago (it already had CFW on it), inside the box I got a note telling me to visit ps3news for up-to-date news on CFW, games, etc. That was when multiman was update every few days, so I eventually just signed up for the twitter updates. Now I pop in each night just to read the forums.

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    My very close friend lindwurm take me here, it's change my opinion about any other site, this is where I belong to.

    Thanks for all staff, and Merry Christmas.

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