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    I am surprised people even remember things like this hehe, I can barely recall what I did a week ago for the most part.

    That said, I gave everyone who replied above a +Rep and a Like for sharing the memories with others here!

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    i was on youtube watching googley he did ps3 news and game music videos at the time so one day i wanted to get more ps3 news instead of waiting a week for him to up a new ps3 news vid so i googled ps3news and found this site and loved it ever since.

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    I googled for something like ps3 hacks, surfed to another site and in the one of the screens of some program (maybe something like old CJPC's projects) I saw watermark PS3NEWS.COM.

    I thought that I shouldn't surf the second-hand site, navigated ps3news and registered here!

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    Oooh, what a question. It seems I registered myself here nearly two years ago - but I memorized I searched for something a very long time ago. And I came here. The thing I searched was the SAK version 1.0 which was written by Mr. CJPC !

    Oh, good old times.

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    I don't quite remember what I was looking for at the time but whatever it was a Google search led me here. I would regularly check for news so I eventually registered.

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    There i was happily browsing for adult stuff and my finger slipped and i ended up here, at first i was a little disappointed but then i found all manor of tantolizing imagry, PS1/PS2's and even a barely legal PSP! - not really....

    ...Seriously - i came here, well in those days it was or something (ps2ownz? i can't really remember), looking for tips on freeing my PS2 from its unholy bindings, then later on i became a member when i got an early PSP from Japan and required the mad skillz many of the members have to offer - i've even helped out myself providing tutorials for PSP custom firmware installs, PC software for various things. I'm still in awe of the coding skills of many of the members. has pride of place on my bookmarks - it even has its very own button on my toolbar - i'm lost if i don't check in at least once a week. (Going a couple of days gives me the shakes!)


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    i found ps3news through google a few months before the 1st jb came out.. i kept searching for the months leading up to it and checked out all the usual ps3 threads and this seemed the best and best members. i liked how i didn't have to join up (can't waste 2 whole minutes.. LOL) to download things but the more time i spent reading the threads i felt i had to join and participate.

    now its my homepage and i have shortcuts on my desktop and toolbar.. its the first thing i look at when i wake up and go to net to see what new exciting things are here for us.. LOL

    best site ever and i'm honoured to be a mod here..

    thanks team!!

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    I remember a post said a bad thing and i'm curious of what it told.. after registering and look every corner, i found nothing but friendly environment. the users help each other solving a problem without asking +rep (except from boss ) and a sincere thanks not told to say thanks or must say thanks no high and mighty people nor superb user.

    Glad to be one of your members PS3NEWS

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    I was on qj gaining my daily dose of PS3 stuff when I found out that they had linked to one of your posts. At that time, when I came to PS3News, this site was totally unreadable due to a weird system that gave it a clunky feel.

    I ended up back here after qj became total crap and since then, with the new design, PS3News has become my home.

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