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    May 2006
    While looking for DLC on google.

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    someone told me about racer downgrading PS3 FATS.

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    Feb 2014
    i came from google

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    I wanted to learn more about PS3 cfw and came often across when i googled.

    Lots of great guides and tutorial and i learned alot. In the end no doubt i would wanna be a part of the community too.

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    my friend the jailbreak is in the past

    yes my friend, we can learn more seeking
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    from google

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    to be honest i found ps3news totally by accident; when i wanted to find out what was new and upcoming for the playstation 3/4; ever since i landed on this page i truly enjoy reading it every day. Always eager to find out new information on the ps market.

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    on a learning curve googled ps3 forums and joined the community

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    I did it to burn discs

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    Sep 2010
    I came here from Google and latest innovations and forced me to write messages

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