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    How to convert PS2 game saves from ntsc to pal and versa

    Hello everyone,
    i have a question.How could i convert some ps2 game saves from nstc to pal for example.I have GT4:Prologue JAP (nstc) gamesave and i would like to convert it to pal if its possible,so i could load that gamesave with GT4 [PAL] so i could get 100k cash someone

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    don't think it's possible

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    I know its possible with Samckdown vs Raw. I think you just need the Disc ID of both games and use a file conversion tool. Its called ps2sidc. You would have to use xport saves. If you are using max saves then you first have to convert to xport.

    NTSC max --> NTSC xport --> PAL xport --> PAL max

    ^ if this is the case you need the xport to max converter as well

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