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    How to convert Pal/Ntsc Images

    can i play pal version game in ntsc system?

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    Yes you can. Get the PALtoNTSC utility in the technical support section. I recommend patching the PAL game with the 32 setting. If the screen still looks way off centered durying gameplay then go up a notch. Keep in mind that its nearly impossible to patch PAL games to NTSC 100% accurate.

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    Also some mod chips can convert them, still not 100% but i know the dms4 does. Also i heard that cdloader can force ntsc on a pal game too.

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    How to convert Pal/Ntsc Images:

    You will need one of the following patch converters: from the PAL and NTSC selectors including Y-Fix! Sticky in tech support forum.

    Now depending on which image you would like to convert either Ntsc to Pal or Pal to Ntsc.
    We will start off with the Ntsc to Pal patcher.

    1. Download and unzip it to a destination on your hdd.
    2. Make an iso image file of your game to a destination on your hdd that`s easy to find like my documents.
    3. Now open the patcher program and ckick on the browse button and a window will appear which will start out in my documents when the window first opens and then click on your iso image that you just made to highlight it and then click on the open buttom and your image file name will appear in the File name window,and then window will close.
    4. Now you will see your image file name in the browse window,then if you like you can use a PN Selector in your game image by checking off the Make PN SELECTOR box at the bottom left if you like,this will give you a selection screen before your game starts and has a few options to choose from but you don`t have to have this selection screen as it will still work without it,this is your choice to put in this selection screen or not.
    5. Now click on the Patch button and a small window with a ok button will appear and saying it will back it up to a certain destination which isn`t really nothing to worry about.
    6. Then click on the ok button and let the program patch the image which shouldn`t take long at all to patch it,and when it`s done another little window will appear with a ok button and click on it and your done,it will show what it patched in the window after you are done,then just close the program and you are ready for burning.
    7. Now just use any burning software that burns iso image files and burn to media and when done you should have a working copy of your game that you converted.

    Now the Pal to Ntsc patcher.

    1. Download and unzip it to a destination on your hdd.
    2. Now the procedure is basically the same as the ntsc2pal patcher follow steps 2 through 4 in the procedure above.
    3. Now set the Y-Fix Offset to either 32 or 24 as this is the most common settings used by clicking on the little down arrow until you reach this setting,because most games have a screen positioning setting in them as when you convert pal to ntsc the image is always lower sitting on your screen and this is why the Y-Fix Offset has to be set to bring the image up so it is more centered in your screen,but most pal images will not been shown fully as the pal image is bigger on the screen then ntsc image,so by setting this Y-Fix Offset we get it as close as possible to being centered.
    4. Now follow steps 5 through 7 as stated in the ntsc to pal procedure above and you should have a working copy in the end.

    Hope info helps and.G.L.

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    Does this apply to PSX games too?

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    The ps2 pal to ntsc and the ps2 ntsc to pal image converters will not convert psx game image files as i found out by trying, it only does the ps2 cd-based game image files and ps2 dvd game image files only.

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    this software also repairs the mistakes made in the image of ps2 or psx cd?

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