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    Hello everyone!

    Now that Starlight has retired as Forum Moderator here at - I asked to become one to step up in these forums.

    Heres a bit about me in case you don't already know:

    My name is Stephen, I'm 30 in July this year, live in New Zealand, am a Security Consultant (Ethical Hacker) / Software Developer (.Net) commercially for more than 4 years now.

    I'm usually undertaking software development project regularly - my most recent being my Dev Blogger - blogging software, and I'm a co-founder of a digital/technology forum board that started late last year.

    I'm happy to answer any development queries for anyone in the development field if I can.

    Just send me a PM, msn, or email on my profile :-)

    Hope to see you more of you around more often.

    ~ Gtxboyracer ~

    Also I have a 40GB non b/c model PS3 - running kmeaw's 3.55 CFW + Geohot Patch + multiman 1.14

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    Glad you stepped up gtxboyracer! Good luck!

    PS (off topic): Good luck in the RWC! See you in the final ... lol

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    Feb 2009
    Welcome to the moderators clan dude.

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    Jan 2010
    Hope you do a good job and be such active (longevity) here as Starlight was.

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    Apr 2005
    Welcome aboard gtxboyracer, I added ya last night and was going to message you today but I see you are on top of things and already noticed- way to go!

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    Thanks all much appreciated.

    Yeah I noticed last night - although I'm not 100% what forum areas I have been setup to moderate yet.

    I am highly interested in the long-run, as a long-term playstation fan - it will always keep my interest!

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    Apr 2005
    I just added you to the PS3 Hacks and EBOOT ones, mainly as the rest generally don't require many Moderators.

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    I feel like a fish out of water posting in here with all you high ranking members, but I would also like to say to you Stephen is congrats on your new position.

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    Welcome Stephen! Enjoy your time here on ps3news & cya around the forums!

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