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    HDDHackr v0.90 for X-Box 360 released!

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    TheSpecialist has released a new version of HDDHackr for X-Box 360. With the release of Micro$oft's official 120GB X-Box 360 HDD, this tool will allow you to make your own 120GB X-Box 360 HDD using a Western Digital Scorpio BEVS-LAT (which costs around $80, nearly $100 less than Micro$oft's HDD!)
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    The information on sector 16 is signed and can't be changed

    that means either one of two things or both.
    1. you actually have to own a 120gb 360 drive already to obtain a valid sector 16.

    2. if by some stroke of luck someone releases a valid sector 16 from an original 120gb and more that one person uses it on live = banhammer...

    even if you could modify the sector 16 from a 20gb hdd to be 120gb it wouldn't work because The information on sector 16 is signed and can't be changed.

    at least that's what i'm gathering from the readme.txt file. please someone tell me i'm wrong

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    It seems so my good man. Kind of pointless if you ask me. Nice find btw.

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    I have made my hard drive with no problem. But how do I hook it to my xbox360?

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    You have to dis-assemble your 20GB HDD casing and fit the 120GB in its place. I've also seen tutorials on fitting a 120GB HDD inside the case for Core owners.

    I am also anxiously awaiting whether MS decides to ban people for using upgraded 120GB HDDs. That would be pretty interesting...

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    Updated. To quote from the ReadMe:
    New in this rel: Added support for the WD BEVS-RST HDD series. This means that the hddhackr will now work with all WD-BEVS models currently available.
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