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    Smile HDA Compiler Utility released!

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    The HDAExploit Compiler app by Fattysc will compile the HDAdvance MC exploit image for you automatically. It's all automated just insert a PS1 disc , grabs the ELF ID, extracts the HDAdvance image needed, and patches the title.db inside the HDAdvance image with the new ELF ID. All you do is open the app, and it will do everything for ya... then burn the resulting image with your favorite burning app. Uses the most recent HDA files that ps3news provides also uses a clean title.db .

    Updated: April 13th 2005

    Better region compatability with PS1 discs. Over a 100% increase of speed in HDAExploit Compiler when extracting of the actual cd image!!!!!!
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    Updated Compiler

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    UPDATE: 8/30/05

    Rewrote how the compiler searches for elf id's and drives containing the PS1 trigger disc.The extraction and actual patching of the cd image are slightly faster. Hope you guys enjoy this lil app.

    The source code will be released in about 3 or 4 days. I need to add comments to the source code and tidy it up just a bit. So be on the look out for that.

    Thank You and Enjoy!
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    Source Code

    Here is the source code for the compiler. It may not be the best but it does the job well enough. The comments should help explain my madness. Some code is pretty self explanitory and wasn't commented on. I also included the code for adding and extracting of files to and from the compiled exe. Enjoy
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    HDA Compiler Update!

    -Change log-

    (1)Added a few routines to determine if the ELFID is correct, basically a double check using a few different dilimeters within the system.cnf file.

    (2)Extraction routine was rewritten again. Slightly faster then before. How many times can something be rewritten?

    (3)Optimized the patch routine of the HDA image upon extraction.

    (4)Cleaned up some other code. Not really that important.

    (5)I stuck with two different versions again (v1-8 and v9-11), since people were complaining about (v1-11).

    1: Insert orignal PS1 disc and burn HDADVEXP.bin with favorite burning application.

    Pretty simple right?

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