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    Post HD Advance Tutorials: Installing Back-Ups

    Below are a small collection of brief HD Advance Tutorials from our site members... read through them all as they cover a variety of chips and swap methods, and if you have a method that isn't documented already here feel free to add it!

    1: Load HD Advance
    2: Press Eject and insert CDR
    3: Wait 10 seconds
    4: Press and HOLD Eject Button untill Tray is Open
    5: Press And HOLD Eject Button to close Tray
    6: Just as the tray closes Press the Reset button once you will see it flash
    7: Choose Install
    8: Message will appear No CD/DVD in Drive
    9: Click Ok
    10: Press Eject to open tray Do not hold button in
    11: Press Eject to close tray do not hold button in
    12: Choose install

    Enjoy new installed game

    Sometimes at step 10: the tray does not eject, just choose install again until you get No CD/DVD in Drive message again, and repeat steps 10 to 12. Sometimes i have to repeat that a couple of times untill it ejects. But this method DOES work on Magic 2 and 3 chips, this may seem long winded but only takes a couple of seconds once you have it mastered.


    For DVD-R i do this.

    1: Load HD Advance
    2: Eject HD Advance
    3: Put GTA 3 Vice City ORIGINAL in
    4: Close DVD Tray
    5: Leave for 15 seconds
    6: Use Knife trick to open DVD Tray
    7: Put DVD-R in Tray
    8: Close Tray MANUALLY by pushing tray gentley in
    9: Make sure tray is closed properly

    Then install DVD-R no problems.


    I finally got my ps2 with magic 3 and HD Advance to install dvd-r backups. Here's how i did it. I has worked with 3 games in a row now.

    1: Load HD Advance
    2: Tap Eject to open and insert backup DVD-R
    3: choose install
    5: Press and hold eject to insert the tray
    6: as soon as the tray closes (right after the *clu*, clunk* sound), click continue
    7: release the eject button

    I was also able to get this to work with cd-r and dvd-rip backups as well- ENJOY!


    1) first boot HD Advance

    2) once you get to the main screen, eject the ps2 tray and insert your HIGH TOC ORIGINAL, the ps2 must know you put in this disc, put it in through the tray. wait 15 seconds for the ps2 to recognize it

    3) press the install button (it will stop the disc from spinning), but dont press "continue" or "cancel" just yet!!

    4) what you need to do now is insert your backup without the ps2 knowing you did.

    if you have a fliptop, just open the lid and put in your backup
    if you have a no-solder modchip, eject the tray so the ps2 does not know that you ejected it & put in your backup
    if you have a modchip, well you're gonna have to cog/knife/slidecard open your tray.

    5) now that you've got your backup in, press "continue", it will examine the disc for a sec, ask you to give it a name & then install..
    i've noticed that sometimes it will say the disc is invalid.. try the whole process over again.. but give the game a different name & try to reinstall.. you can rename it after it is done installing.. some games just wont install though.. that's it!


    Since we all got a little lost, for those of us using, fliptop/swap tricks/ Swap Magic:

    1) at the main screen, load your SM disk, etc.
    2) go to install
    3) wait for the disk to stop spinning, then swap it out
    4) insert your bacup and hit continue

    I've had problems with this, finding myself needing to fully reset the laser by just inserting an original every now and then, going to install, hitting continue, then when it prompts for a name hit cancel, then follow numbered the steps above.

    Also, make sure your backup is in 1:1 shape for this to pull off right, with your SYSTEM.CNF file at LBA 12231. If you don't know how to do this, get your hands on ISOBuster and CDgenPS2. Use ISOBuster to check your sys.cnf files' position. If it does not hit the LBA 12231 mark, highlight the entire list of contents, and extract to your hard drive. Open CDgenPS2. drag-n-drop the sys.cnf file into the main window. right-click, then edit. set the LBA manually at 12231. drag-n-drop the rest of the disks' contents into the main window. hit the IMG button to save the file, then wait until the process completes (2-10 minutes, depending on size).

    hope this helps alot, tell ya what, wish i knew this all back in the day! Cheers!


    I see alot of people asking this question and I just want to add my 2 cents

    The steps some people were taking to load backups must have been only for certain modchips that change modes when the reset button is hit but these two methods for DVD-r and CD-r should work for all modded and unmodded systems. Swap trick is required for both.

    To install DVD-r do this...

    1. Load HD Advance and once it loads, press eject
    2. Insert your High TOC DVD Original such as GTA-Vice City or Devil May Cry 1 or 2 as they are larger than most every game. (it's important the original is larger than your backup)
    3. Wait 15-20 seconds.
    4. Press Install in the HD Advance menu
    5. Swap for your DVD-r backup copy before you press continue.
    6. Press continue and name your game.

    To load CD-r backups and possibly some or most DVDRiP games...

    1. Load HD Advance and once it loads, press eject
    2. Insert your High TOC CD Original
    3. Wait 15-20 seconds.
    4. Press Install in the HD Advance menu
    5. Swap for your CD-r (DVDRiP) backup copy before you press continue.
    6. Press continue and name your game.

    I haven't tested this on all DVDRiP games but in theory it should work as long as the DVDRiPs on CD-r are smaller than 650mb or whatever that limit is for unmodded consoles. This limit should not be an issue for modded consoles but I am unsure as I don't have a modchip.


    I use a slide card with my v9 unmodded PAL PS2 in this way:

    1. Load HD Advance
    2. Put original DVD with higher TOC (i use Devil May Cry)
    3. Wait about 10 second and then press install
    4. With Slide Card change the original dvd with backup DVD-R
    5. Press continue, give a name and install...

    That's it!

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    I`ve typed up some info on the HD Advance converting procedures, etc. See if this will help in some way.

    At any point, either the file list or the options are in focus. Use the left and right buttons on your controller to switch between the file list and options in order to select files or perform any action (Run, Convert, Delete, Relabel).

    File Conversion for original ps2 cds/dvds.
    When you choose to convert a new game onto your hard disc you will be prompted to insert your ps2 cd/dvd original game disc. Eject the HD Advance cd, and insert your disc "GO" by pressing "X". HD Advance will then scan your disc to make sure everything is in order, and if there are no problems you will be asked to enter the name of your game using the name selection panel.

    The controls for the name selection panel are as follows.
    D-pad- move the selection
    X-select character
    L1-cursor left
    R1-cursor right
    L2-cursor start
    R2-cursor end

    Select "End" when you have finished entering the name for your game to proceed to the actual conversion or select "Cancel" to return to the main screen. When coversion begins you will be shown a progress bar for the conversion as well as statistics such as the time remaining.

    Deleting a game.
    When you select "Delete" from the options you will be prompted to delete the game which is currently selected in the file list. If you are sure that you wish to delete the game select "Continue".

    Relabelling a game.
    When you select "Relabel" from the options you will be taken to the name selection panel and you may edit the name of the game currently selected in the file list. The controls are the same as for the conversion name selection panel as described above. Select "End" to relabel the game or "Cancel" to return to the main screen without relabelling the selected game.

    Converting backup disc / Import game disc.
    Follow the steps below so as to convert backup disc / import game disc to PS2 HDD.
    1. Boot your ps2 with HD Advance using CD version for CD backup/import and the DVD version for DVD backup/import.
    2. Choose "Convert" in the "Options" menu.
    3. When the system asks for the game disc use slidetool or fliptop cover to swap the HD Advance disc out and put in your backup/import disc.
    4. Select "GO" by pressing "X" when you are finished.

    Hope this helps in the converting process as i had this tutorial for a while now and i thought if any of you members can use it feel free to check it out.

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