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    HD Advance convertion problems

    I have a v7 PS2 with HD Advance 2.0 and Maxtor 250GB HDD. I have been using Sony DVD+R's forever, and haven't had a problem with them, but recently I have been getting errors in backups that don't have a single scratch on them. Am I burning them too fast? Is my PS2 lens dirty?

    I ran a DVD Lens cleaner on my PS2, but it didn't seem to make a difference, I always burn my backups at 1x with DVD Decrypter. Any solutions?

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    you could try 2x that seems to be the best speed for me if i ever had issues, the best way to clean your ps2 laser would be taking apart the ps2 and the dvd rom lid off and using a q-tip and rubbing alcohol. are these errors while burning on pc or playing in ps2 (ie. red screen) try a older game does that work? if so then get different brand media. if not its ur ps2 laser most likely needs to be cleaned or adjusted.

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    The DVD+R's I use have never failed me. I don't think its an issue when I burn it on PC, just when I'm converting the backup onto my HDD with HD Advance. I ran a DVD Lens cleaner, but that didn't seem to make much of a difference.

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    These backups do they load by just loading the dvd in your ps2 and does it load the game that way,if you are having trouble loading them like that then it will effect the converting to hdd with HD Advance also,i noticed when i convert games to hdd it will sometimes come up as a bad disc right off the bat even though my burn is good,i just re-open the tray and let it re-read the disc and it works then,and sometimes it can take two to three times before it works.

    Try a differant burn speed as mentioned as this can help in cases.also clean you laser lens in your dvd burner and maybe defrag your computer as this can lead to errors if the files are to scattered, also what is your boot method as you are putting ps2 dvd backups onto your hdd. If you are still having problems after just post.

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