Edit: This thread is now closed- HDA and PS2 are both dead now.

Before ruling out ANY game as "not working" you must test all 8 mode combinations. You can get to the MODE screen by highlighting the game in the menu, and then pressing SELECT on the gamepad.

Note: DVD9 titles utilize different sceReadCd() calls to access the second layer, and HD Advance 1.0/2.0 doesn't support them at all. This is also why homebrew stuff doesn't work (different calls) and titles like Ratchet and Clank don't either (use ReadSector calls instead). So even DVD9 games from 2010 won't work with it until an updated version is available... this is why we are able to add ANY confirmed DVD9-based titles to the list- released or not!

Don't whine when your post gets nuked in this thread, as feedback is archived with the most up-to-date list being available HERE.

Guys don't post games that WORK in this thread, and don't ask what part of non-working listed games don't work! Just use this thread to post the NAME, REGION, and MODE(S) of non-working games WITHOUT ANY EXPLAINATION because I will not add one to the list. This is very time-consuming for me when you don't simply list what I ask only!