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    Hatsune Miku Arcade Style Pad from Metrocon

    So I was at Metrocon this year and in the game room they had an arcade style Hatsune Miku setup for Dreamy Theater 2. Anybody know if this is on the market yet or not? I didn't think to ask the guy running it at the time lol

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    Are you talking about this controller which cost around 29,939 yen ($ 361) ?

    Hatsune Miku Arcade Style Pad from Metrocon-hatsune-miku-arcade-style-pad-jpg

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    Hey, but I couldn't find it being sold anywhere. I'm really wanting to get one! I wish I had asked the guy how he got his Do you happen to know when or where I can buy this?

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    Oh, I've bad news for you. The controller was sold on (exact link to article back in 4th August 2011 - but is now sold out.

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    Man that sucks... Well this guy had one that looked like it was made for Dreamy Theater 2. It was slightly different than the one in the pic so I'm not sure if it may have been a promotional one or not. Oh well, I guess I just might have to build one lol

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    Hello, I am the person that owns the Dreamy Theater Controller you saw at Metrocon.

    When the controller was announced last year, I checked my usual import sites to see if they would allow for preorders for this. Luckily, Play-Asia started to put them up for $374 and $80 shipping. I put a preorder AS SOON AS I COULD. There was only the initial run sold, and no more were made. I am lucy to own it for $450. Now, you could hope that they make a controller for Project Diva f PS3, but that may or may not come.

    Since you are passionate about this, I'll help you out a little:

    A controller is being sold right now on Yahoo Japan Auctions. A service that I use is Shopping Mall Japan (SMJ). They act as a middleman service for Yahoo Japan Auctions (YJA) and Japanese online stores. If you want to bid on products on YJA, they will deal with getting the item from the seller and ship it to you. Keep in mind that you need quite a bit of money, as you must pay for the product's final bid price, a commision price to SMJ based on a percentage of the final bid price, shipping from the seller to their warehouses, and shipping from their warehouses to you. You must also give SMJ a bidding deposit to aloow you to bid up to 5 times the amount on YJA (e.g. you give them a $100 deposit to allow bidding on YJA up to $500). I would suggest getting around $700 if you attempt to do this.

    Even if you decide not to get it right and hope for another one to show up later, just use the text from here: 初音ミク ドリーミーシアター 2nd 専用コントローラー , paste it on YJA's search to find it in the future.

    Hope this helps you.

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    what are the chances of that eh.. LOL

    id never pay $700 for a controller myself, but i am on a very limited income. would be great to be able to afford such things though. also i would be worried of being scammed, but im always suspicious of online things. i am NOT saying this is a scam at all.

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    Wow Goumodi! Thanks alot for the info! I really wish I had that much money lol that controller was awesome! I'll definitely check out that auction site and maybe ebay lol btw, thanks for bringing it this year! will you be back next year?

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