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    cyan, i totally agree
    i was halfway through edit quoting your last post and realised, i agree with all of it lol

    the halo series is a good series though.
    overated? yes.
    but at the end of the day, it looks good (not brilliant but still good enough) and plays good too, which is what you want in a game.

    totally agree about the gta4 thing too, its not as "godly" as some would make it out to be
    and with mgs3 vs mgs4, they do seem like two totally different genre's even though they are both stealth games. but i think thats just down to the different mechanics involved in the stealth (painted camo vs high tech octocamo etc)

    good shout though cyan

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    I think MS has become complacent. The Wii can do some nice graphics but it tailored to the family market. The PS2 had some of it's best looking games when the XBOX (1st one) came out (Batman Begins, Black, Mercenaries), because it was then up against real competition. I've been getting through Banjo Kazooie on my 360, that has some lush visuals and large playing areas.

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