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    this may be a stupid question, but where can i find your universal unbrick disk? i cannot seem to locate the download. or is it a psysical disk i need to get from you? thanks for all your help. would a usb gecko be able to save me or would i not be able to boot straight from that?

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    No question can be stupid only answers

    Here the link: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/wii-ne...ed-104989.html

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    Sorry to keep bothering you, but your answers are extremely helpful. After reading your page on the UUD you made, it seems as if you say that this disc will run from the rescue menu on a (unchipped/softmodded) wii with starfall that will allow you to access the rescue menu. Now I have the option turned on on starfall that makes it so that the automatic disk updates get skipped, so this would eliminate my chances of using that disk to update my firmware.

    My question is, can I use that disk to access the wad manager on it to remove the offending wad that is bricking my system menu even if I'm not chipped? I do have the cios that the gamma loader uses installed, as it was part of the tutorial i followed to hack the wii in the first place, though I never did play any backups. Is that the cios I would need to boot this from the rescue menu without a chip? Sorry if this is too much to be asking. I'm just hoping I can do something about this without breaking open the wii.

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    Its ok And Yes you can

    So first Starfall and the disc update blocker only works for the disc Channel not for the rescue menu.My disc will boot the wad manager becouse i have injected it as main.dol in the game partition and it is set to autoboot.There for the disc update will be jumped over and to directly boot the wad manager.

    So you could use it with a modchip even if they will be not set to autoboot.

    And you could use it completely as Softmod but only if you have the cIOS-CORE and Starfall with the rescue menu hacks installed.

    To clarify: My UUD will boot the WAD Manager what will be even better becouse you could choice what to de/install.

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    well thanks again. i appreciate all your help. I will have to wait a day or two, i guess. as i tried to download it twice, but thought my computer was slowing down the first time and cancelled, and then got an error the second time. now my downloading for that site is exceeded, and i cannot download it. hopefully it will reset at some point or something. thanks for all your help.

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    Im currently not @ home but i will upload the UUD to my other file hoster account when i will be back in a few hours. Than you could download it again

    EDIT: A additional Download will now be available
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    i got a question if i replace the wad manager dol with preloader dol on the unbrick disk will that let me use the homebrew channel already installed on the wii?

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    Shoud work wirh a litle bit more knowledge. Becouse you need to know with wich IOS preloader runs and this IOS must be loaded from game partition.

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    I have a banner bricked Wii with 3.4u on it and Homebrew is installed with WiiGator and USB channels. I have no Starfall or Preloader or anything like that. This guide looks like my best bet to unbrick my Wii.

    Just so i'm clear here.

    Once I have a modchip installed I can boot to the rescue menu pop in your universal unbrick disk and it will autoboot without me having to set my chip to autoboot?

    Has anyone actually unbricked there Wii using this without Starfall installed?

    Note to self: don't mess with .wad files.

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    well i didn`t tested yet i need a screwdriver to open my game cube controller im going to try with some autoboot homebrew app isos and with preloader to see if i can unbrick my wii.. i will report later.


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