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    Senior Member TuRDMaN's Avatar
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    Oh, so 3.3 won't show anything on the screen? I thought that firmware version 3.2 and up would show something... so maybe there's hope for me yet. I guess the next step before I open up the wii is to get a disc with a higher version firmware on it and try to load that with the recovery mode.

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    I thought that firmware version 3.2 and up would show something...
    Thats the same what i know!But i can test it for you guys.I crap a FW 3.3 and install it and make a vid of it if it shows something or not.

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    Gah, got my WiiKey2 and a Wii-Clip, but I'm not having any luck even getting the drive to spin up with it... I may try ditching the clip and soldering the chip on directly. This is starting to get frustrating

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    You have to use the setup disc first before you can use the chipīs functions like autoboot or region patch.

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    Soooo from what I've read, I'm pretty sure I'm screwed. I was at 3.2u and had starfall installed, but it was after a downgrade from 3.4u. 3.4 looks for the twilight hack and deletes it after the initial use. The tutorial that walked me through all of it and highly recommended starfall to keep one "safe" did not inform me that It is important for brick protection for you to have the twilight hack installed.

    well of course I've got a banner brick (pretty sure. black screen after health screen) and come to find out i need that hack to save my wii. i can boot from the "rescue" channel just fine, but i feel like that's not really helping me at this point, cause I can only boot retail disks and i have the anti-update thing turned on. Is there anything that I can do? even if it requires a modchip?

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    Well I just got my mod chip successfully (?) installed in my wii, but I can't boot anything (including the rescue mode). So I guess I'm going to try to acquire another wii and swap dvd drives, and see if I have to run a setup disc or something for the chip, then swap back and see if that works. May just end up ditching my current wii and getting another.

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    Thanks.. Awesome Guide

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    @ TuRDMaN

    The rescue mode does nothing have to do with the drive or a chip!
    And as long the chip is not to setup it probably will not work.

    @ Omniflip

    Im not really sure if for a brick like you have the twilight hack will change some thing.But aslong as you can boot to rescue menu you are save.Even if you not have starfall installed and only can use the normal rescue menu, with a chip you can boot a backup or my UUD and unbrick your Wii.

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    thank you very much! The twilight hack would have allowed me to run twilight princess with wad manager as the root program on the sd, from what I understand. That was the only reason I brought it up.

    Not having it, I certainly don't have that escape route. I appreciate your feedback! Any suggestions on which brand of chip would be best for this? And how would I configure the chip if I cannot access the system menu? Do you interface the chip with your pc?

    I'm only familiar with softmodding, so now I'm in a whole new arena all of the sudden.

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    It depends on the chip.A few chip will have the option to set the autoboot via a jumper to solder on the WiiClip.Some other will only have this option to set via setup disc.

    For which modchip would be better it is hard to say.But i will mean a chip like FlatMii.Becouse even if you drive is dead or damaged you could inject the iso directly into the Wii and you dono need to solder anything

    THX to BOSS for the very Great Modchip & Features Thread


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