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    At least that is a start towards something original- the newspaper is a possible angle we can use in the new logo and +Rep condorstrike!

    Keep in mind, I have no specifics on what we will end up going with so really we are just seeing what users put out there and if something a lot of members like pops up we may just roll with it.

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    Just a quick 5 minute job, will go back and do some more later on.
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    That's not bad either for a 5 minute job MystikalDesigns... clean and simple, +Rep for sharing it!

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    Thumbs Up Nice

    Quote Originally Posted by MystikalDesigns View Post
    Just a quick 5 minute job, will go back and do some more later on.
    I like that one so far.

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    finally got home, here's another.
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    ps3newslogoCOLOR2.PNG   ps3newslogoNOCOLOR2.PNG  
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    The one concern I have with that one is picturing it against our white background at the top... it may look like a "cookie-cutter black square box with a logo inside" that doesn't really seem to fit/blend as nicely as a white or transparent one would. +Rep for the effort though!

    Edit: The white background one looks better, but still seems "cut off" looking eh? Probably as it's such a small area though to work with.

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    don't know if to just post in the same post or open a new one per logo, either way... here's another.

    this one was just for fun...

    edit: here's a nice one...
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails

    Newspaper 3.PNG   logonoCOLOR.PNG   logon4.PNG  
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    Another +Rep for ya condorstrike, now we are starting to see some cool design concepts indeed.

    The newspaper is very clever, although maybe not the best for a simple logo... the second one is a little jumbled looking but of course the buttons give it a nice PlayStation feel, and the last one is a great example of a simple and unique logo- Thanks again for taking the time to make them all!

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    thanks Boss, I'm just throwing stuff out there so that the other guys... get in the groove. there's lots of talented guys here, and myself is always happy to help.

    edit: due to the small size you can't see, but those two on the newspaper are Kevin Buttler and Geohot... lol.

    condor made a funny.
    Last edited by condorstrike; 03-25-2011 at 05:09 AM

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    I'm very (and I mean REALY very) bad at drawing anything but this is what I have in mind:

    A stylized TV screen with some button(s) in bottom right corner, spinning globe with "PS3" written in curved ribbon accross the globe and the "NEWS" in an arch bellow the globe - invoking the NEWS bulletin / logo being played on telly ...

    I'll try to draw this in some presentable form and post later - unless indeed someone more gifted here wants to tako on this idea and transfer it to the shiny 2.5D ...


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