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    Oct 2011
    Awesome guys great work from everyone!

    Thanks for the feedback and responses!

    Looking forward to seeing the new logo up on the site

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    Dec 2010
    Well the new logo looks great , especially if you have the default style selected (PS3news). Also I think askin has made many fabulous designs and gratz to Cevapi you're both great graphic designers

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    Jan 2010
    Yeah the new logo fits very good in the stock color pattern. But in my opinion - the logo looks kinda unspectacular - and not quite like an unique one.
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    Aug 2010
    Love the new logo, fits the site really well and is something totally out of the box much better than other sites.

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    Oct 2010
    Thanks to everyone for the kinds words & criticism, as well as everyone who worked hard and tedious on their designs. Cheers.

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