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    God of War 2

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    I use the latest HDA provided here without any modes on (the 0.8a with GOW2 fix) and run the untouched DL ISO transfer from pc to HDD. I can get to opening scene, then when Kratos shrink to small man, it went blank and freeze. Next time I tried setting to "widescreen" (because I remember someone saying that matters), then I can get pass that point. I start playing to the first save point, when I press save, it hangs in the save screen (for very very long, like .5 hr). I tried it with both widescreen or normal mode, still no go. Anyone know how to get pass that?

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    I was having EXACTLY the same problems. You didn't patch the image yet? Correct? I didn't do anything to the image, just sent it to the HD.

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    turn on widescreen mode. that worked for me.

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    I tried that. It still freezes at the first save points. I tried experimenting with different modes, especially 1 + 3, and nothing has worked so far.

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    i had the same problem when saving, i just re-ripped the game using the latest imgburn and i havent had any problem's since

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    What exactly do you mean by Re-rip? Create the same image again using the disc? Or just resaving the image in image burn that you already had. Also, I read somewhere certain versions of HDL_DUMB work and some don't. Either way, thats the method I have to get the image onto my hard drive, because I don't have a mod-chip. I broken all of my favorite discs before, and I won't let it happen again.

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    OK here's what i did to fix the problem of the game locking up..

    Ripped gow2 using imgburn (v, Then transferred the iso to my ps2 hd using hdldumpguiv14 (got that version of hdl dump from this site)

    Turned widscreen mode on to get past the intro movie. I've played the game completely through with no problems (using the gow2 hd advance from this site)

    So in a nutshell

    Step 1 - Rip gow2 to your computer hd using imgburn (v

    Step 2 - transfer gow2 iso image to your ps2 hd using hdldumpguiv14

    Step 3 - turn widescreen mode on to get past the intro movie

    (those are my steps and that is what worked for me)

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    god of war 2

    ok ill give this a try i've been trying with no luck but where on this site did u get the hdldumpguiv14 on this site i cant find it can you give me a link to it or is it spelled something different

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    It is in the PS2 HDD Navigation List sticky in this post

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    I tried that. It's still no go. Any other advice? (I am sure I am using the right version (GOW2 fix) HDA, because before it doesn't even load) The dump also should be good, because I can play the game up to the first save point. I suppose if I play past that without saving, hence avoiding the freeze, I can continue... altho I haven't tried that yet. (And it might freeze at the next savepoint also...)

    I think I might have to go to the RIP route if the HDA route doesn't work...


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