We have received word from the Ghost 2 Chip Team of their upcoming G.2 v2 PS2 mod-chip, with the details as follows: "Team G.2 is proud to announce the release of the all new G≤: Version≤! This release consists of an APA Core Kernel update as well as a much awaited new firmware release.

1) The APA Core Kernel has been updated to v2.0 (these features are working only with the new G.2 v2.0):

- Rewritten VHDL code featuring v0 to v15 PAL/JAP/US compatibility. Number of wires varies between 17 and 19 depending on version and region.
- Previous version of Ghost 2 (APA Core Kernel 1.2 & 1.3) remain compatible with all new firmware versions released, but will only work up to PS2 v13.

2) Firmware v2.0 featuring DL9, DNA$ and "Anti-Anti-Mod Protection" now features:

- DL9 Compatibility - you can run all dual-layer games without the need to patch them first first.
- DNA$ Enable - you can play all your back-ups online.
- A New, improved "Anti-Anti-Mod Copy Protection" code which allows to run all original protected games including those featuring the very latest protection systems as well as back-up of them.
- A Debug Mode, now fully implemented and working (please refer to the debug mode page on www.Ghost2.net)

As our PCB design will remains strictly the same, we added a sticker backside of the new G.2 Version 2. Here is the preview of the sticker that will help user to identify a Version 2 of a G.2 mod-chip. Last but not least, we are planning to release a new Config Manager v2.0 as itís needed to fully gain benefit from the DNA$ feature - it will allow you to enter and store the game ID code. Big kudos to our new and very talented software designer who has rewritten the whole code from scratch and added invaluable features to it. It took a long time, but we find the added value is very, very much worth the long wait. Team G.2 Wishes you a very Merry X-Mas celebration! 2000 & 5 years after the very first Messiah, we are finally back on track! "