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    Getting into the game industry & What Major to take in college?

    Hello! I was wondering what good information you guys have to comment on how people usually get into the game developement industry? Also what major should a fellow student take in college? Computer Science, Software Engineering, or Arts & Technology? Thanks in Advance!

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    If you are serious about getting into the industry, you need to try to get into DigiPen. It is one hell of a tough school, but you are nearly gaurenteed a good job right out of the gate. Full Sail is also another very good game college, but not nearly as popular or well known as Digipen. If you can't get into either, I suggest just going after a Computer Science degree. While you are completing that, go to a big game site (Like EA) and find what qualifications they want for newcommers/interns...

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    The college I am attending offers Art & Technology and it really opens up a lot of oportunitys to branch out into certain areas of the art and envertainment industry like photos, video, ect. The major offers 2 couses in game developemnt- Introduction into Game Developement and Advanced game devlop. Would take these two course really make a person knowlegdable enough to obtain a job in the gaming industry? I am really skeptical about this. Wait, I should ask my advisor....but I want to hear your guys opinionions two.

    Here are the major courses pertaining to the Batchelor Degree:
    II. Major Requirements, Lower Division: 21 hours
    ARTS 1316 Drawing Foundations
    CS 1337 Computer Science I
    CS 2336 Computer Science II
    ARTS 2380 Two-Dimensional Design
    ARTS 2381 Three-Dimensional Design
    ATEC 2382 Computer Imaging
    FILM 2332 Understanding Film

    III. Major Requirements, Upper Division: 21 hours
    CS 3336 Programming in Java
    ARTS 3371 Black and White Photography
    or 3372 Color Photography
    ATEC 3317 Introduction to 3D Animation
    HIST 3337 Technology and Western Civilization
    or 3374 American Technological Development
    LIT 3334 Literature of Science
    or LIT 3311 Literature of Fantasy and Science Fiction
    or HIST 3328 Philosophy of Science
    ATEC 4340 Issues in Arts and Technology
    ATEC 4380 Capstone Project

    IV. Elective Requirements: 33 hours
    Advanced Electives (15 hours)
    Any five of the following:
    AHST 3317 Pioneers of Modern Art
    or AHST 3318 Contemporary Art
    or AHST 3324 History of Photography
    ARTS 3376 Time-Based Arts
    ARTS 4372 Advanced Photography
    ATEC 3327 Intermediate 3D Animation
    ATEC 3351 Computer Game Development
    ATEC 3361 Internet Studio
    or ATEC 3363 Basic Interaction Design
    ATEC 4337 Advanced Visual Arts, 3D Animation
    ATEC 4346 Story-Telling for New Media
    ATEC 4347 Advanced Visual Arts Design
    ATEC 4357 Advanced Visual Arts, Digital Arts
    ATEC 4367 Advanced Computer Game Development
    MUSI 3389 Digital Music
    Free Electives (21 hours)

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    What the yearly salary for an average working in the industry?

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    I know there is a course at my school now about the game industry, where lab is going to the arcade and playing games. im so taking this, its the "history of the video game market" i think. the best would be getting into a video game college, then theres the CS major and a art/graphics design or mixing both, it all depends on what your college offers. as for yearly salary, that will vary with experience, location and job availabilities.

    as for those majors, i would go talk to your advisor or your colleges student affairs office and see how the job market is for graduates from that degree. its a tough business to get into but if you have the skills then go for it! those classes sound good and thats what you need, TONS of backround stuff about art and programming, you cant just do a "gaming" art or programming class, you prolly wont even do those till your last year or two. like my major im just getting into my "majors" courses FINALLY uh 3 years after starting college. a 4 year degree is tons of bs before you get to what the major really is but that is what you need, lots of backround knowledge and variety in schooling.

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    I currently attend school at USC (University of Southern California) and there are majors offered here for game design, development, and production. USC is a top ranked school, so I imagine their video/pc game programs are quite good as well. I wouldn't really know since I'm a business administration major.

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    FullSail sucks. Gready money hungry bastards. They overbook their classes. So on real projects, there are way too many people assigned to each task that only takes one person.

    Don't understand what I mean? Ask ten of your friends to help you eat a single m&m (the little chocolate candies). Then you'll see how much you actually get to taste it.

    If you want to be good at what you do, College is a waste of your time and money. In this industry anyway. Get some practical experience by doing it yourself. At the end of four years you will be better than FullSail can EVER teach you to be, and you won't be in debt up to your eyeballs.

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    Thanks for the info haiku, tomorrow I will go to may advisor and officially drop out of college. Laugh Out Loud (or don't if you don't want to)!

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    Quote Originally Posted by haioku
    If you want to be good at what you do, College is a waste of your time and money. In this industry anyway. Get some practical experience by doing it yourself. At the end of four years you will be better than FullSail can EVER teach you to be, and you won't be in debt up to your eyeballs.
    Yes you can be great on what ever you want to bee for example a game programer but if your going to work for a game company like Konami (just a example) they care for who good you are but if you go to a job interview they will not only see who good you are but they will see were did you go to collage, and will ask for your certificate or diploma so it dosen't matter who good you are cause if two people go to the same interview and one of the have a diploma and the other don't guess who they are going to take.

    just my thought...

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