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    GameStop CEO: The PS2 Price Cut Was Just Too Late

    The CEO of GameStop, Dan DeMatteo, has indicated that the recent PS2 price cut was just too late, a year too late to be precise.

    If Sony had done it earlier then perhaps more publishers would've carried on creating games for the PS2, but once they stop, they really do stop.

    To quote: "I don't know that $50 gets you that much," DeMatteo said.

    Sony did reduce the price of the PlayStation 2 in late March, but DeMatteo says the move came a year too late.

    "To be honest, it really wasn't worth doing," he says.

    "If they'd done it earlier, publishers probably would have kept making games for the PS2, but once they've stopped, they've stopped."

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    This article is cheese, Sony don't want them to make games for ps2 they trying to focus on ps3. they basically in X-out mode like all old gaming systems. they wanna stop supporting ps2 while keeping ppl happy which isn't going to happen. I work at wal-mart and its everyones understanding that the case that holds ps2 stuff will be gone by the new year. so selling the systems a whopping 30 dollars cheaper is just a way to clean warehouse IMO.

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    Indeed the price cut was there so that people still buy a PS2. not to have publishers making games again for the PS2. I don't see the link to be honest.

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    Smile thats fine

    the price going down is the best for the gammers, i have the emulator to play the games i own in my portable, because i have a fatPS2, im goin to buy slim thenks to this great notice. i hope sony to lower the price in PS3 to get one too.

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