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    Feel free to add me, guys.


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    just got mine setup today and it seems great. Anyone feel free to add me my gamer tag is TripleH13

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    Apr 2005
    my gamertag: sicx13 feel free to add me

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    Slick Vic 2

    I'll have that till' march, add me so I can rape your faces at Gears of War

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    Bluharpoontang, My blueharpoontang will do the trick.

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    "Savageminds" add me and get your faces owned at Lost Planet.

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    Im PROFESSOR 602 u can add me

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    I am down to play anything, I can't wait until Forza comes out. Then I can justify buying that wireless streeing wheel.

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    mine is DissC0jo3 and i will play you on anything that i can get my hands as soon as i can burn my own games

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    My gamertag is "UK MrPink"

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