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    Senior Member StevenTj's Avatar
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    Big Grin [GAME] How Tough Are You ?

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    Let's start this one. This is how it gonna works,

    Just Throw a question How Tough Are You ?

    And give your most ridiculous, stupid, corniest answer
    Whatever, there's no limitation in giving answer

    For example :

    How tough are you ?
    I Look at clock only in quarter second.

    And... let me start this...

    I'm typing with all my ten fingers.

    How Tough Are You ?

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    I looked at Justin Bieber without punching something.

    How Tough Are You ?

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    I watched Mr. Bean, but i didn't laugh.

    How Tough Are ya ?

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    i watched miley cyrus at vmas on youtube

    how tough are you?

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    I did 42 in a 40 zone.

    How tough are you?

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    I watched Mr. Bean, but i didn't laugh

    How tough are ya ?

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    Got given too much change at the shop and walked out without saying anything.

    But let me ask you this... How tough are you??

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    I bake cookies in an active volcano.

    How tough are you?

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    I swim around the world's oceans punching sharks for fun.

    How tough are you, then?

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    I ate Chuck Norris.

    How tough are you rookie?


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