February 14, 2007 - Mayhem and motors have always gone hand in hand, and one franchise that attempted to capitalize on this concept is the Full Auto series. With a heavy emphasis on concepts like "Destruction Matters," Full Auto let drivers race through streets, trashing buildings and other environmental objects in their attempt to finish first. The sequel added to the mayhem with more cars, new environments and arena style combat. Well, the car combat is now spilling over to the portable track with Full Auto 2: Battlelines for the PSP.

While the game may have the same name as the PS3 version, this isn't a scaled down port of that title. Instead, Deep Fried Entertainment, who's developing the PSP version, overhauled just about every single facet of the racer. For example, the career mode no longer takes place in Meridian City. Nor does it have an AI informing you of what you need to do or what races you have to enter to proceed. Instead, the battles now take place across the entire world, with races found in the USA, Europe and Asia. While there are various events that you'll enter, such as coming in first place or defeating specific rivals, there's also a lot more choice provided to drivers. Players now have the option to decide whether they want to complete every single event available to them, or if they'd rather blaze through the game and face off against the "boss" racers.

Get ready to trash cities around the world in Battlelines.

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