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    FlatMii Plug & Play Announced for Nintendo Wii, Videos Available

    The FlatMii Plug & Play was announced over the weekend for the Nintendo Wii console, along with several videos of it in action below.

    Features include:

    - NO solder required - NO drivemod required - NO clip required - NO software modification required - Plug and Play - ALL chipsets compatible including EPOXY & D3 drives - 100% Compatible with drivemods - STANDALONE mode (No Wii dvd drive/media needed) - COMBO drive/flatmii mode - Highspeed USB 2.0 fast loadings - Wii/Gamecube/ISO9660/Multi and DL ISOS compatible - Region free - Full Compatible with Geckos, Mplayer, Emulators & Homebrew - Updates blocker - Wii iSO remote tool selector

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    This looks very promising. If they support updates and get standalone hdd's working i can see them selling many units.

    (initial impression??? i want one!)


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    I'll be keeping an eye on this. If it is able to get around future updates to the console this will be a must have for myself and I'm sure many others. Until more details are released, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed.

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