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    Apr 2005

    First Hacked Virtual Console Game released for Wii!

    The first hacked Virtual Console game has been released in the form of:


    Unfortunately, since there are no public WAD packing tools, this is useless for the general public and will likely only lead to Nintendo patching security holes that may otherwise be useful for legitimate homebrew.
    BlaZe brings you the first Virtual Console release.

    These are the raw, unencrypted files.

    To install this title, pack it into a WAD using your favourite wad packer (for the moment, there are no public ones)

    And install them using an elf installer, or a modified ISO that installs the WAD.

    have fun.

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    Apr 2005

    Thumbs Up wadpacker VERSION 0.00004

    By kikekakik: Command line tool to create .wad archives based on Segher-Tools. C source code included.

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