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    First GTA IV Soundtrack Details

    The first details on the Grand Theft Auto 4 soundtrack have surfaced on the Internet, revealing the titles of sixteen songs.

    You should take this with a grain of salt though, as they have not been 100% confirmed by Rockstar yet.

    Angel y Khris - Ven Bailalo
    R Kelly - Bump N Grind
    Seryoga - KingRing
    The Boggs - Arm In Arm
    UNKLE (feat. Josh Homme) - Restless
    Gwen Stefani - Hollaback Girl
    Res - They Say Vision
    Raheem Devaughn - You
    Junior Kickstart - The Go! Team
    VHS or Beta - Burn It All Down
    Humble Pie - Cocaine
    Fat Joe - Shit Is Real
    MOP - How About Some Hardcore
    MOP - Downtown Swinger
    Queen - One Vision
    Ne-Yo - Because of You

    First GTA IV Soundtrack Details

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    i prefer the music of gta vice city

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    Hope they give us some news on the soundtrack before release.

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    So... Where's the metal?! They better have some metal on the soundtrack this time, I'm tired of hearing only pop, rap, dance and stuff like that with the exception of only V-Rock and Radio X, which had pretty poor tracklists IMO.

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    Can't say I'm too impressed by that soundtrack. Obviously there'll be more songs but whats there isn't really my taste.

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