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    Thumbs Up ExecFTPs release thread

    ExecFTPs by SlicStik is a utility to transfer files from the PC to the PS2 Memory Card via the PS2 Network Adaptor. Below is some NOTES on its use, a common error people get with a FiX, and finally all of the related files linked!

    If you receive this error, follow the instructions below:

    FTP Server initializing... (ExecFTPs v0.67 by SlicStik)...
    .... Did not find path (A)!

    The above error is a Swap Magic "data clash" issue... mine now works fine when I load it using CD Loader v7 BETA 5.2 in default mode.

    Also, using ExecFTPs .67 I was able to transfer my PGEN ROMs to the "PGEN" partition I made on the PS2 HDD using the DMS Format utility in FlashFXP. Once I started FlashFXP (non-PASSIVE mode) I had to mount the correct partition, in my case which was 'PGEN', by using the following RAW (CTRL-R in FlashFXP) command:

    SITE MNT /pfs/0/ hdd:+PGEN

    Of course if you called the partition you made for the ROMs something else such as 'PS3News', then the command would be as follows respectively:

    SITE MNT /pfs/0/ hdd:+PS3News

    Once 'mounted successfully' appears in the FlashFXP bottom status window, then I manually navigated to the /pfs/0 directory using FlashFXP and began to transfer my ROMs there from my PC... however, I found when using ExecFTPs .67 if you do more than one file at a time it will often slow down to 'hang' and then disconnect and to fix it you'll need to REBOOT THE PS2... but if you do only one at a time, it will transfer them at around 500K/sec which is nice indeed.

    Once I got my Genesis ROMs transferred I connected my PS2 HDD to my PC and loaded up PS2 HD Handiness .6 and transferred PGEN v1.2 to it. Then, I disconnected it back the HDD went into my PS2 console. Finally, I loaded up HD Advance and selected to RUN the PGEN title from the gamelist... sure enough it fired up, and I was able to navigate and PLAY from the ROMs I loaded onto my PS2 HDD! *SUCCESS* (no pun intended)

    More to come, attached below is my ExecFTPs image ready-to-go with the IP set to for those who'd like to use it with their LinkSys or similar routers... just be sure port 21 is open, or DMZ is disabled when using it.
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    More recent versions of ExecFTPs... Cheers!
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    Arrow Back to business... Execftps ver 0.69

    From SlicStik:

    I'm not dead yet ... so it's time for a new release with some minor changes.

    Version 0.69
    - Compiled with latest ps2smap and ps2ip from ps2sdk. Results in better net stability and minor transferspeed improvements
    - Now possible to mount up to 4 hd-partitions at the same time. (pfs0,1,2,3)
    - Packed with ps2-packer.

    I know there still are a couple of bugs to take care of and ill try to take a look at those as soon as possible...

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