Update: PSAR Dumper v0.2B 3.30 FW Mod For PSP is now available for PSP users... this means that an 3.30 OpenEdition update is now possible- stay tuned!

Earlier this week we were busy with all the PS3 news, and the remainder of the week left us working on some unfinished Site backend projects. We still have some more left to do, but in the meantime here is some recent news updates as follows:

In PS3 news, internetfloozy started a PS3 iSO Loader Progression [DEV Chat ONLY!] thread in our PlayStation 3 Chat Forum which offers insight as to how the Paradox PS3 iSO Loader actually works along with several DEV resources and related theory discussion.

Also in PS3 news, utrx999 posted a nice All-Guide: Installing YDL/VLC/MPlayer/SNES9x on PS3! in our PS3 Linux Chat Forum.

The PS3 BRDGen (Blu-Ray Disc Generator) folks have let us know that they have recently fixed a nasty bug which prevents dumped movie images from opening properly... this will be included in the next release they stated!

In other PS3 news, both PS3Video9 Installer v2.15 and PS3Portal v1.0 For PS3 are available for download for those interested!

In Nintendo Wii news, we have added several new Mod-Chips and Firmware Updates to our repository located at: Wii.PS3News.com. Also, chossy has shared with us Wii UI v1.01 For Wii today!

In X-Box 360 news, a King Kong Shader Exploit For XeLL Linux-Loader is now available, and can be discussed in our ongoing XeLL Linux-Loader Revision 1.1 Forum thread.

PSP Files: PSP Video 9 v2.14 BETA For PSP, PiMPStreamer v0.83 For PSP, Music Main Plug-In For OE For PSP, PSPSSH v1.0.2 BETA For PSP, Random Gameboot v0.5 Plug-In For PSP, Slash-N-Flash v2 For PSP, MSMaster v2.02d Compact For PSP, Installing A Custom PSP Theme Tutorial, UEFA Champions League 2006-2007 (EUR) 728MB PSP RipKit, Prince Of Persia: Rival Swords (EUR) Sound .BAT File For PSP, Prince Of Persia: Rival Swords (EUR) 495MB PSP RipKit, Prince Of Persia: Rival Swords (EUR) 596MB PSP RipKit, and Rainbow Island Evolution (EUR) [Multi-6] 45MB PSP RipKit.