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    E3 2009: Kojima Twitter Mystery Solved

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    A Twitter feed seemingly being updated by Kojima Productions is broadcasting coded messages which, we're guessing, may be relevant to the contents of the Konami press conference today at 3pm PST / 11pm BST.

    The tweets started a few hours ago and say things like this: "There is a shadow: lw olhv zlwklq xv doo." It's obviously some sort of code. It's also some sort of code that our lead developer has deciphered.

    So, if you fancy trying to figure it out for yourselves, pop over to the Kojima Productions Twitter. Alternatively, here's the current run of messages translated, starting with the first:

    - "There is a shadow: lw olhv zlwklq xv doo." = "it lies within us all."
    - "It consumes us. ju efwpvst vt." = "It devours us."
    - "We cannot escape it, exlm px wxlmkhr hnklxeoxl." = "lest we destroy ourselves."
    - "This shadow makes us who we are. Cn cm qy qbi uly nby gihmnylm." = "It is we who are the monsters."
    - "Join me: fasqftqd, Xqgoaftqm, iq omz fgdz ftue iadxp fa pmdwzqee." = "together, Leucothea, we can turn this world to darkness."
    - "But I can't! Ymnx btwqi sjjix rj, fsi ny sjjix dtz ytt." = "This world needs me, and it needs you too."
    - "Pda odwzks zeooelwpao..." = "The shadow dissipates..."
    - "Uif tjmfodf tfut jo..." = "The silence sets in..."
    - "Obr o bsjsf orjsbhifs psuwbg." = "And a never adventure begins." (Typo in that one?)
    - "Fruu cqn vjbt xo mjatwnbb lxwzdna?" = "Will the mask of darkness conquer?"
    - "Ps xjmm mjhiu tijof uispvhi bu mbtu?" = "Or will light shine through at last?"

    Leucothea, incidentally, is from Greek mythology. It's one of the names for an ancient sea goddess, apparently.

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    So, I'm guessing that there is still something to be revealed, and it's probably Lord of shadows, since it's in with most context of the scripts. I mean he can only elaborate on mgs for so long...

    Ok, as soon as i commented on this, i found out that it was Lord of Shadows and it was revealed at 3pm. Sorry about that.
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